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Breakdown: Workrite’s FR Basics

FR clothing is designed to protect workers from arc flash and flash fire, two hazards that can cause serious injury or death. In an arc flash, the amount of energy released is “quite significant,” with temperatures reaching between 10,000 and 20,000 degrees Fahrenheit, explains Dan Bowen, technical marketing specialist for DuPont Personal Protection.

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Key factors in Selecting FR Clothing

Article by Mark Saner, Workrite

Question – When in the initial phases of coming into compliance with NFPA 70E and starting to evaluate different FR garments, why wouldn’t you just go with the least expensive garment that meets the standard?

Answer – While garments can look very similar on the surface, they often contain different characteristics. This is especially true in flame-resistant garments, where key elements like fabric brand used and construction techniques can make a real impact on both performance and wear life over time. Additionally, your company may have specific “business-to-business” needs in order to service your program, from credit, to specific alterations required, to the need for non-stock sizes or ordering online.

When evaluating flame-resistant clothing, it is about finding products that offer the best balance of protection, comfort and value. Continue reading

Bulwark FR 2011 Catalog, now on Sportex Safety!

A new line of Bulwark FR apparel products straight from the 2011 catalog now available in our online promotional products!Bulwark Fire Resistant

“Bulwark is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial flame resistant apparel, with a thirty-nine year history of serving the oil & gas, electric utility, and petrochemical markets through innovative design and manufacturing of the broadest range of products, and by providing superior technical expertise. Bulwark Protective Apparel is a division of VF Corporation, the world’s largest branded apparel company.”