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Join us at ASSE 2013 in Las Vegas!



Come see the Sportex Team at booth #1850, June 24th-27th for all the newest safety apparel & client programs. We’ve worked hard this year, so let us show you all the creative ways we can assist our friends in business!  Here are some details on what its all about:

ASSE is a global association of occupational safety professionals representing more than 34,000 members worldwide.  The Executive Summit Panel, consisting of CEOs, presidents and vice presidents from a range of industries, provides a valuable view of safety from top leaders.  You can expect to learn from some of the best in the industry during the expo, and when your not busy, feel free to check some of the events scheduled to help keep you enticed: Executive Summit, Academic Forum, Golf Outing, Poster Session, technical Tours and Conference Luncheons.

We hope to see you there!

Facebook Event Page, ASSE 2013 Page

Sportex @ NRC / REMSA 2013 in Miami Beach, FL!

LOEWS Hotel MiamiThe 2013 NRC / REMSA show is being held on January 9th through the 11th (times vary) and will be located at the beautiful LOEWS Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.

There will be a ton of vendors and events. Some key members of the Sportex Team will be there, including Larry Deutsch, William Kaverman, Becky Hemauer, Debbie Fink & Tony Peterson.

Stop by booth #13 to get a glimpse of all the new things that we’ve been doing this year including great new ideas on customization, our new Sportex Touchscreen Kiosk, and great new Innovative products. Please give us a call to plan something out. We hope to see you there!

“The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association, Inc. (NRC) is the only trade association organized specifically to serve the needs of railroad contractors, suppliers, and the entire railroad and rail transit construction industry. NRC’s primary objective is to advance the mutual interests of its members and the railroad and rail transit construction industry.”

Event Site:
Sportex Team:
For Directions to the Miami Convention Center.

Another Show Down, Whats Next?

Colorado Convention Center

Colorado Convention Center in Downtown Denver.

We just returned from the 2012 ASLRRA show in Indianapolis over the weekend thru Tuesday and we’re getting settled back in.  The next chance you will have to come check us out at a show will be at the ASSE Safety 2012 Exhibition in Denver Colorado. Stop by booth #939 and say hello to Larry, Tony, Debbie, Bill, Becky & Susan!  We hope to see some friendly faces while we’re there, so please don’t be shy.  Other than the shows, we love seeing you, our friends, so stop by anytime to check us out and say hi here at HQ.

Here’s a little something to help you recognize us if you have yet to see our beautiful mugs:

And you can research the Event Page here:

Sportex Barbecue

With the beautiful temperatures that we’ve had lately can you blame us for doing another barbecue already?  There’s nothing like Fish taco’s & fresh Ceviche on a warm day with a cool breeze.  Thanks to Larry and Estella for their recipes and everyone that helped out in the kitchen with all the prep work.  Of course the delivery drivers couldnt help but join in on a free, delicious meal yet again.  So remember friends, if you’re planning on making a visit, do it on a friday, you may get some free barbecue…

The Grill

Larry, Sydney & Estella on the grill working some magic

Fresh Fish

Wonderfully marinated fresh fish, If only you could smell a picture...

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Sportex Safety Barbecue

Last Friday we all got together for lunch and had a nice Barbecue out in the warm sun to kick off the beginning of Spring here in Arizona. The wonderful aroma was carried around the city block as smoke filled the air, and soon we were joined by a few Deliver Drivers that couldn’t resist. We ate some burgers, had some drinks, a few laughs & got back to doing what we do best. A full belly makes for a happy employee. Here are some of the pictures, we hope everyone who came out enjoyed it and we look forward to doing more in the future.

Burgers for Everyone

Andy & Larry handing out fresh grilled hamburgers.

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Bragging Rights: Kaltech International

Bragging Rights is a running article featuring companies that we’ve had the privilege to work with.  This gives us the chance to praise our business relationships for those that really do outstanding things around the world without jeopardizing safety.

In this edition of Bragging Rights, we would like to take a look at Kaltech International:

“Kaltech International is a Mill Relining Specialist company that originated in Australia before the turn of the century. Specializing in the relining of mills, mill reliner training, original liner installation, liner design and platform design consultation. Kaltech now has 7 locations in 5 countries including Australia, Mongolia & New Zealand, and has in excess of 80 trained mill reliners. Safety is the cornerstone of the Kaltech mission statement and our safety record is second to none in the industry.” – Kaltech International

Below are a group of photos taken from a few different Reline Projects in Arizona & Nevada.  The Mission South project included the replacement or removal of 144 pieces of these giant liners weighing in around 1k lbs each.  All done within an astounding 62 hours with not a single safety incident.  Even more, The Round Mountain Project involved 216 Liners changed in a period of only 50 hours.  A rather amazing feat that we would like to congratulate Kaltech on.  So when you need the job done quick fast and in a hurry, you know where to go for safety and efficiency.  So head on over to Kaltech’s Site to check these guys out!

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Sportex 2012 Product Demo Meeting

Sportex had one of our awesome vendors come down and pack up the show room in order to show off a few new products that we look forward to bringing on board.  Part of our guarantee to offer the latest & greatest in 2012 to you, our value customers and friends.  Of course we all indulged in some coffee and treats during the product introductions and showcase.  There are some exciting products to look out for, including items from our heavy hitters like Nike & Ogio.  Check out the pictures, we all enjoy these meetings and the chance to get excited over the great new products that we get to offer everyone.  As always quality is key.

New Button Ups

Heather and Becky helping out Susan with a new button up.

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See Us @ NRC 2012 In San Diego January 4-7!

NRC Conference 2012Sportex Safety will be at The National Railroad Construction and Maintenance Association Conference 2012 in San Diego.  The  event will be held at Hotel Del Coronado from January 4th to the 7th.

Swing by and meet up with Sportex Safety’s Larry Deutsch, Bill Kaverman, Becky Hemauer & Debbie Fink at booth #6 in the Crown Room.

There you will be able to see some of the products & services that we offer and talk to us about whatever is on your mind.  Help keep us busy, Loitering encouraged!

We urge anyone of you to stop by for a friendly hello, its always great to meet new people, old friends, and get the chance to put a face with a name.  Hope to see you there!

Hotel Del Coronado

the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, CA

BNSF In West Franconia Arizona

Franconia is located North of Lake Havasu Arizona and East of Topock Arizona on the California/Arizona border.  The Topock Bridge is used by the Railroads to cross the Colorado River into either Arizona or California.  Thanks for the great pictures guys, and keep up the good work!

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