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Monstrous Sarens Crane in Chandler Arizona

“Nothing too heavy….nothing too high for this monstrous Sarens crane that did major heavy lifting during construction of the Intel computer chip fabrication plant in Chandler Arizona. Transported by ships from the Sarens family owned company in Belgium to California, the 155 containers of crane parts and sections were then loaded onto semi trucks and delivered to Arizona. The crane base was anchored to the ground and then built by other cranes. Rigging International are the specialists who assembled and operated the crane. It stands close to 800 feet tall and can lift some serious tonnage.” – ChopperguyHD

Readers’ Choice: Most Popular ENR Stories of 2011

ENR readers kept many conversations alive this year—including and about types of innovation on major construction projects around the globe, a big iron playground in Vegas, tech trends on jobsites, trouble with BIM and viewpoints that struck more than a few nerves.

Some of the most-popular stories were usually the ones that inspired the most comments by readers, sometimes critical, sometimes praise-filled. As the industry reviews the highlights of 2011 and looks forward to a new year, ENR Editors present this round-up of some of the most-popular stories of the year on

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Use Social Media to Build Your Construction Company

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As more contractors and design firms dive into social media, some—but not all—are beginning to develop formal company policies and programs to guide employee behavior and manage risks as they attempt to build an online presence and promote their brand.

The move online by A/E/C firm has lately become an onrush, says Ronald Worth, chief executive officer for the Society of Marketing Professional Services, Alexandria, Va., who likens it to the adoption of the iPad. Still, Worth estimates only about 15% of those firms are producing company policies to guide their social media efforts. Continue reading

New Smart Grid System

Smart Grid SystemWith plans for 18 million sq ft of commercial space and 37,000 homes, Albuquerque’s master-planned sustainable community, Mesa del Sol, was selected as an ideal test site for a collaborative U.S.-Japanese demonstration project to examine emerging technologies that digitally control and balance power generated by various energy sources, including renewables.

Upon completion of Mesa del Sol’s $6-million retrofit in spring 2012, the community’s centerpiece, the Antoine Predock-designed Aperture Center, will be home to the three-year commercial smart-grid technology test.
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Solar Tower Twice the Height of Empire State Building in Arizona

EnviroMission USA, a subsidiary of Australian renewable energy firm EnviroMission Ltd., is developing the estimated $750-million project, to be built on a site in La Paz County near Quartzite, Ariz. While the Australian division of design engineer Arup is still working out exact details, Chris Davey, EnviroMission USA’s president, says the 426-ft-dia. tower is expected to reach approximately 2,600 ft into the Arizona sky. The great height is necessary to attain a sufficient temperature differential to propel air with enough force to drive the turbines.

While project financing is still being worked out, the project was boosted in October by a 200-MW power purchase agreement from the Southern California Public Power Authority.

The tower generates electricity using relatively simple scientific principles. A massive greenhouse podium up to three miles in diameter will heat the surface air to 160 ˚F. Since air temperature falls 2 ˚F for every 320 ft in elevation, the difference in temperature atop the tower causes the lighter, heated air to flow upward. “Provided you can maintain the temperature differential of about 55 ˚F, you are going to operate at maximum output,” Davey says. Turbines similar to those used in hydroelectric powerplants convert the air flow into mechanical energy. Continue reading