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Join us at ASSE 2013 in Las Vegas!



Come see the Sportex Team at booth #1850, June 24th-27th for all the newest safety apparel & client programs. We’ve worked hard this year, so let us show you all the creative ways we can assist our friends in business!  Here are some details on what its all about:

ASSE is a global association of occupational safety professionals representing more than 34,000 members worldwide.  The Executive Summit Panel, consisting of CEOs, presidents and vice presidents from a range of industries, provides a valuable view of safety from top leaders.  You can expect to learn from some of the best in the industry during the expo, and when your not busy, feel free to check some of the events scheduled to help keep you enticed: Executive Summit, Academic Forum, Golf Outing, Poster Session, technical Tours and Conference Luncheons.

We hope to see you there!

Facebook Event Page, ASSE 2013 Page

New Product: The ETV360

Our ETV360 or Ergonomic Tool-belt ANSI Style Safety Vest is an outstanding product for those who carry around a barrage of tools with them everyday. It uses an Adjustable shoulder straps support system along with a firm fit & 360 degree tool belt support system, giving you complete upper torso and hips weight distribution. Other great features include, a double expandable zipper to append a jacket or outerwear to. Re-Inforced Fall Protection slot on the upper back. We used an ultra tough abrasion resistant & breathable mesh material for the body. As with every product, custom is a must and this item has multiple pocket options to choose from, or you can create your own with our R&D team. You can see it online here, or give us a call. We love feedback, so if you have any ideas or need some to get you started, let us know.

The ETV360

Engineers Week: Celebrate With A Kit

For Engineers Recognition this week we wanted to extend a cool little kit that includes a few different items geared for the Engineers out there. First in the kit will be a Surveyors/Engineers style Safety Vest (Lime or Orange) that comes with decoration included. Second in the kit you will get one of four of your choice Leatherman Multi-Tools, also coming with a personalized engraving of your choice. Last of all will be an real cool item called the Lenser LED Blue Moon Focus system clipped pencil light. All this, including decoration, we’re handing out for a fraction of the normal cost. We hope everyone enjoys the deal and takes the time this week to thank our engineers around the world for the hard work they do every day.

Engineers Week

New Year, New Deal, New Sportex Safety

Here’s a deal we sent out to everyone via email, and we wanted to share it with everyone that we dont happen to have an email for as well.  There are tons of opportunities like this through our Sportex Rewards program as well, if you’re interested in checking it out, you can get more information or sign up here.  We hope to have a great 2012 and wish you all safe practices.

January 2012 Deal

BNSF In West Franconia Arizona

Franconia is located North of Lake Havasu Arizona and East of Topock Arizona on the California/Arizona border.  The Topock Bridge is used by the Railroads to cross the Colorado River into either Arizona or California.  Thanks for the great pictures guys, and keep up the good work!

Rail Welder Continue reading

You Control our Company with CUSTOM!

custom vest

We almost fit 100 pens in this custom pocket! not quite 15lbs worth though.

As a growing company we’re always trying our hardest to fit the customers needs and to, “let the customer take control.”  The word “custom” is a word we can’t repeat enough when it comes down to our “in house” products like Safety Vests, Fire Resistant Safety Vests, and from time to time, a welding jacket or seven.  Sportex Safety is always trying out new things, on a daily basis as a matter of fact, in order to fit the customers needs.  Believe it or not this is what we actually enjoy doing.

Let the customer take control. It drives us and keeps everyone interested, especially you, the one who gets to utilize that final product, something you created.  Whether it be a custom pocket or new tool carrier, and you weren’t really sure how well it would work until you used it, and behold, it works!  After all, though I don’t want to downplay our experience here, we don’t exactly sit around the office all day in Hi-Vis Vests putting 15lb ink pens in our pockets and rubbing up against Stucco walls, and the only traffic we need to watch out for is foot traffic around lunch breaks in the back room, which tends to be equally as dangerous at times mind you.  Something I really believe we don’t get enough of in this case, is costumer input or feedback. 

We grow with customization & picky customers. When you, the professionals that use our products tell us what was liked or not, what could be better, what worked out and what did not, essentially you are the ones actually creating the product.  This way, instead of thinking we know whats best for our customers, we build whats best for our customers.  So if anyone has an idea, maybe something that would even fit the project your doing, let us know.  Maybe you will be the one to revolutionize the industry with a new type of Safety Vest.


Job Well Done Austin Bridge & Road!

Austin Bridge & Road Team

Some of the guys wearing their Sportex Safety Vests with a custom banner.

Austin Bridge & Road was recently selected (as shown in a recent post) for one of the Best Projects in the Southwest 2011.  They were awarded for their work on the first phase of the Loop 303, Happy Valley to Lake Pleasant Parkway.  We would like to congratulate them on all the hard work and say that everyone here at Sportex Safety is rooting for you on the ENR finalist selections.  Thanks for the support!

Sportex Apparel has Ladies Vests?!

ladies safety vests

Ergonomically designed for the femal physique in order to give a more comfortable and safe fit.

Did you know that we offer Ladies cuts for our 5 best sellers?  The industry is full of Female Engineers, Surveyors, Superintendents and laborers, all working side by side the men, in an industry that has become the backbone of this wonderful nation.  Now we’re offering vests and safety apparel to protect ladies with same great quality that you’ve come to expect from Sportex Safety garments.