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The Sportex Team

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the Sportex Team Page! Below is a miniature profile for the people you might be getting to know on a daily basis, or may already know. This is what everyone had to say when asked about their work experiences and how they spend their days. Feel free to comment and post a picture of your own, cause sometimes it just nice to put a face to a name.

“I’m a people person and I love building relationships with our clients.”
“I live on sunlight and would have my office outside if I could.”
Likes outdoor recreation & going to the beach.
“I love my easy going customers that ask for me by name.”I want to go back to school and continue my education.”
Likes traveling, trail hiking & therapeutic window shopping.
“One of my favorite experiences was when a customer recommended my efforts to their corporate office and it led to a great company relationship.”
Has a Masters in Architecture and ran the Boston Marathon.
“Had a customer come into the back and shake my hand for a job well done once. That was pretty nice.”
Likes Mountain Biking, Lifting Weights & Family time with his six kids.
“I really enjoyed it when BNSF did a tour through production and I was able to show them the process and how much actually goes into the development of our garments.”
Spends time with family, going to the Casino when she can & enjoys her television shows.


“The best part of the job is the humor I share with my customers.”
Loves being active outdoors with her family & grandkids.


“I love seeing a project start out with a few simple ideas and after those ideas get mixed with the sales team, art department, production staff and everyone involved “BAMB” you have magic! Being able to exceed our customers’ expectations never gets old”.

Loves his beautiful wife, his 2 kids, Country music, and NASCAR(Go JR!)


“Coming Soon”.

Coming Soon


“Coming Soon”.

Coming Soon


“I like it when a customer emails in thanking us for a job well done! I love the crew we have here at Sportex, having a happy team makes for happy customers!”.

Likes spending quality time with my family. Anything outdoors, playing catch, playing at the park, camping


“The best part of my job is that I am always learning new things through out the day. Everyday is a new experience for me. Whether its helping co-workers or helping out back in production. Get that Hands On Experience.”.

She likes playing soccer on the weekends. Going to the movies. Enjoying time with my daughter and son


“I love when I get the opportunity to create a logo brand using it across multiple products to create a cohesive product line.”


Loves Art, Family and making memories


“Coming Soon”


Coming Soon

5 Ways to Increase a Sense of Urgency in Safety

Article by ISHNUrgent Safety

Many safety programs never really get off the ground, despite being well-planned and well-intentioned.  They are unable to overcome the inertia in the organization. Staff procrastinate on these programs in favor of less important ones, give excuses for actions not delivered, or budge only when pushed. It is like the pull of gravity on a rocket that’s just lifted off. Tremendous force is needed to break free of the ground.  The force required to overcome complacency and create change is known as a sense of urgency. Think of it as rocket fuel. It is a desire to move now. It is characterized by a set of beliefs and feelings that lead us to constantly look for important issues and make progress today.

The pace of change arising from a sense of urgency becomes evident when there is a major accident. Such accidents trigger fear, a sense of righteousness and social morality. The sense of urgency that results quickly overcomes the complacency in the organization. Significant improvement is made.  The problem is: we do not want a major accident in the first place! Another Seveso, Bhopal or Deepwater Horizon disaster is one too many.  Instead of waiting for major accidents to occur, it is easier to lower the bar for urgency. Urgency is not absolute, but relative. What is perceived by people as urgent, becomes urgent.  For example, an oil spill onto the factory floor from a two hundred liter drum can either trigger a “Let’s stay behind and get this cleaned up” reaction or a “Let’s just cordon the area off and do the cleaning tomorrow” reaction. It’s not the circumstances that determine the experience of the staff, it’s the perspective and actions of the leader and his team. By changing the way we look at something, and how we act on it, a sense of urgency can be created. Continue reading

You Control our Company with CUSTOM!

custom vest

We almost fit 100 pens in this custom pocket! not quite 15lbs worth though.

As a growing company we’re always trying our hardest to fit the customers needs and to, “let the customer take control.”  The word “custom” is a word we can’t repeat enough when it comes down to our “in house” products like Safety Vests, Fire Resistant Safety Vests, and from time to time, a welding jacket or seven.  Sportex Safety is always trying out new things, on a daily basis as a matter of fact, in order to fit the customers needs.  Believe it or not this is what we actually enjoy doing.

Let the customer take control. It drives us and keeps everyone interested, especially you, the one who gets to utilize that final product, something you created.  Whether it be a custom pocket or new tool carrier, and you weren’t really sure how well it would work until you used it, and behold, it works!  After all, though I don’t want to downplay our experience here, we don’t exactly sit around the office all day in Hi-Vis Vests putting 15lb ink pens in our pockets and rubbing up against Stucco walls, and the only traffic we need to watch out for is foot traffic around lunch breaks in the back room, which tends to be equally as dangerous at times mind you.  Something I really believe we don’t get enough of in this case, is costumer input or feedback. 

We grow with customization & picky customers. When you, the professionals that use our products tell us what was liked or not, what could be better, what worked out and what did not, essentially you are the ones actually creating the product.  This way, instead of thinking we know whats best for our customers, we build whats best for our customers.  So if anyone has an idea, maybe something that would even fit the project your doing, let us know.  Maybe you will be the one to revolutionize the industry with a new type of Safety Vest.


Use Social Media to Build Your Construction Company

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social media

As more contractors and design firms dive into social media, some—but not all—are beginning to develop formal company policies and programs to guide employee behavior and manage risks as they attempt to build an online presence and promote their brand.

The move online by A/E/C firm has lately become an onrush, says Ronald Worth, chief executive officer for the Society of Marketing Professional Services, Alexandria, Va., who likens it to the adoption of the iPad. Still, Worth estimates only about 15% of those firms are producing company policies to guide their social media efforts. Continue reading

New Fall Protection Guidance Documents from ISEA

Posted by OH&S, Oct 18, 2011fall protection

Two new documents from the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) are geared to help protect workers whose jobs expose them to fall hazards. A Personal Fall Protection Equipment Use and Selection Guide provides practical, hands-on guidance for fall protection users and administrators in their selection, use, maintenance, and inspection of fall protection equipment. A companion document addresses topics in fall protection on which manufacturers get frequent inquiries. Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness MonthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month (, so it’s a good time to give a brief wellness training on this topic. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS –, more than 200,000 women a year—and 2,000 men—are diagnosed with breast cancer. It makes sense to focus this training on breast cancer in women, but let your male workers know that the ACS website has information for men in its “Detailed Guide: Breast Cancer in Men.”  That’s right, men can get breast cancer as well.  This is largely unknown in the U.S. and therefor far more dangerous because men aren’t checking for it, or completely ignoring signs of breast cancer.  So its worth looking into, it could help save someones life.

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New Smart Grid System

Smart Grid SystemWith plans for 18 million sq ft of commercial space and 37,000 homes, Albuquerque’s master-planned sustainable community, Mesa del Sol, was selected as an ideal test site for a collaborative U.S.-Japanese demonstration project to examine emerging technologies that digitally control and balance power generated by various energy sources, including renewables.

Upon completion of Mesa del Sol’s $6-million retrofit in spring 2012, the community’s centerpiece, the Antoine Predock-designed Aperture Center, will be home to the three-year commercial smart-grid technology test.
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Green Construction Trending On The Rise

Cunstruction Going GreenIn the first study on green jobs in the building design and construction industry, McGraw-Hill Construction finds that 35% of architects, engineers and contractor (AEC) positions are now green.

About a third of the industry’s workforce work on green projects, amounting to 661,000 jobs. Over the next three years, they expect the share of green building jobs to rise to 45%.
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Job Well Done Austin Bridge & Road!

Austin Bridge & Road Team

Some of the guys wearing their Sportex Safety Vests with a custom banner.

Austin Bridge & Road was recently selected (as shown in a recent post) for one of the Best Projects in the Southwest 2011.  They were awarded for their work on the first phase of the Loop 303, Happy Valley to Lake Pleasant Parkway.  We would like to congratulate them on all the hard work and say that everyone here at Sportex Safety is rooting for you on the ENR finalist selections.  Thanks for the support!

2011 Southwest Best Project Winners from ENR Magazine

By, Article by scott_blair at 9/21/2011 5:28 PM CDT

303l project

Austin Bridge & Road's 303L Project

A panel of 15 judges from all walks of the industry, from architects to subcontractors, examined the 130 entries received this year (more entries than any other region in the U.S.) and selected a primary winner in each of 18 categories. The judges also selected a number of awards of merits.

This is their 14th year of producing the awards, and this year was particularly competitive because all of the region’s states were judged together, unlike in past years where they held separate awards in each state. Regardless of which projects received awards this year, every project team that submitted should be extremely proud of the work that they produced, especially given the difficult economic climate.
In addition to the awards below, one project will win top honors as the best overall project of the Southwest. The three finalists for this award are indicated below, but the overall winner will be named at a later time. Continue reading