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Top Ten Construction Apps

2011 Construction AppsThis is a list of the top submitted Apps for Apple iOS and Android platforms by Construction Professionals & Engineers. Below you will find a list of Apps both free and paid. If you have any you would like to share, feel free to comment and add your suggestions to the list.

1. BIMx
by Graphisoft SE
Platforms: Apple iOS
This app turns your device into a 3D communication and presentation tool.After users upload a 3D drawing, they can explore architectural design in a building information modeling environment.

2. Onsite Planroom
by UDA Technologies Inc.
Platforms: Apple iOS & Android
OnSite PlanRoom for iPads is designedto synchronize with ConstructionOnline documents (once you sign up for a free account at,which offers one GB of storage space). Continue reading

Have A Safe Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving

Remember . . . Safety First, dont wanna let em get hurt on the way to the table!

We would like to give Thanks to everyone for allowing us the pleasure of serving you.  Your the reason we are still around and continue to grow, both as a business and in our relationships, day by day.

So have a look at this documentary, and you will see just how hard it was to catch one of these turkeys, let alone get him to pose in the vest.

Slipping Into Winter

Sportex Safety Winter ItemsWinter may have been here for most, perhaps it never left for others, but here in Arizona, its just getting started.  This year Sportex Safety is adding on to the inventory with a whole new line up of winter jackets and safety apparel.  We’ve got tons of 3-in-1 jackets, winter coveralls, Bombers & Softshells just to name a few.  These items come in a wide range of availability of standards, from Electric Arc & Flash Fire to Waterproof.  We will have a new catalog ready ASAP, so keep an eye out for updates here on the Safety Blog, head over to the Sportex Safety site, or sign up for the Sportex Rewards list for emails on such deals and products.  Were excited to roll these Items out for everyone this winter season, so slip on in to something warm!

OSHA Releases New Educational Videos on Construction Hazards

Here is a really wonderful set of educational resources put out by OSHA that could be used in any number of ways by Companies.  For instance, I know there are companies out there that require employees to complete a number of training hours per year regarding safety; These videos could be utilized to put together hours worth of training, all set up in a matter of minutes.

Their are 12 videos in all, ranging from 2-4 minutes each, which may not be long, but if you use group input and demonstrations following each video, perhaps even include personal stories and how incidents could have been avoided using highlights from the video, you have several hours of useful and effective training while adapting a sense of company / employee cohesion through individual collaboration.

Their is a wide array of useful possibilities for these resources due their availability to the public and the ease of the Video Selection Interface, the videos are available to stream from YouTube, or to download and run right from your computer.  So please take the time and look through the following article and see for yourself.


Read the full article, or go straight to the OSHA videos.

Facelift Set to Begin at Tempe’s Iconic Hayden Flour Mill

By Garin Groff, East Valley Tribune, Mesa, Ariz.

Hayden Flour Mill

Click on the Image to see the History of the Hayden Flour Mill!

Nov. 10–Work to restore the historic Hayden Flour Mill should start in as little as 10 days, bringing life to an iconic building that’s sat idle since 1997.

Mayor Hugh Hallman announced the project’s start date Thursday in the annual state of the city address, which will be the last Hallman will deliver as he wraps up two terms in office.

Hallman also revealed a major boost to fundraising efforts, with a $200,000 donation toward the $605,000 project. The money is from Wally Zaremba, president of the Zaremba Group, which is completing the West 6th apartment towers in downtown. Continue reading

ASSE Releases “Body of Knowledge” Online Searchable Resource

Posted by ISHN

online search toolThe American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) unveiled a new ‘Safety, Health and Environmental Body of Knowledge’ (BOK) tool at its recent Leadership Conference for ASSE members. The tool is a compilation of occupational safety, health and environmental (SH&E) information in one searchable, interactive on-line database which aims to provide the safety profession, businesses, communities and more the information they need when it comes to SH&E. Continue reading

Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Day 2011Veterans day, originally Armistice Day, is a day for everyone to take a few moments and thank someone who has served  in our Nations Military service, whether it be a simple handshake and a “Thank You”, take the time to Honor our prior and current military this Veterans Day.  From Sportex, Thank you for your service to our great Country and for putting your lives on the line, past and present; for doing something noble, showing true courage and strength.

Raise The Flag

Noise Hazards Creating A Stir

hearing protectionWhile on the web this morning browsing my seemingly large list of RSS feeds of Safety & Construction News updates and Issues going on in the World, I noticed that a whopping 2/3 of the highlights are pointing toward Noise Safety and Hearing Loss Prevention Measures.  A rather staggering amount really.  After further investigation,

OSHA has had trouble implementing control hazards through process design due to high cost, versus the lower cost of ignoring design and outfitting workers with PPE such as respirators and hearing protectors.  In a troublesome economy who can blame such decisions.  While the use of PPE is effective, and prevents hearing loss for workers who utilize it; what about the ears of others not on the site?  The nearby communities and businesses?  OSHA has left it up to us to help control these hazards with process design, a method that could potentially “engineer out” noise, and create a solution for all.

Approximately 30 million US workers exposed to hazardous noise each year, 25000 of which suffer preventable hearing loss.  With these large numbers theres no wonder why such a commotion has been made. Some organizations have taken a step up and pushed things into the right direction however.  The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) will host a webinar on November 30th addressing the new American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ASSE Z590.3 standard, “Pevention through Design: Guidelines for Addressing Occupational Risks in Design and Redesign Processes” (PTD).

An electronic copy of the standard, the ANSI/ASSE PTD technical report, and materials related to the standard will be provided to attendees. Attendees also receive 0.2 CEUs.

To register for the webinar click here.