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Sportex Safety Barbecue

Last Friday we all got together for lunch and had a nice Barbecue out in the warm sun to kick off the beginning of Spring here in Arizona. The wonderful aroma was carried around the city block as smoke filled the air, and soon we were joined by a few Deliver Drivers that couldn’t resist. We ate some burgers, had some drinks, a few laughs & got back to doing what we do best. A full belly makes for a happy employee. Here are some of the pictures, we hope everyone who came out enjoyed it and we look forward to doing more in the future.

Burgers for Everyone

Andy & Larry handing out fresh grilled hamburgers.

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Product Showcase: Ergodyne CORE Multi-band

Here is a product that we’ve carried for a while now that just doesn’t get enough recognition. The Ergodyne Core Multi-band can be worn in a number of ways. It can be used as a Headband, Skull Cap, Balaclava, Wristband, Neckerchief, Hairband, Dew Rag, Scarf and a Mask. Its made from Moisture Wicking material to keep you cool during the summer and warm in the winter. It also comes in a variety of design colors and patterns: Red Western, Navy Western, Hi-Vis Lime, Stars & Stripes, Flames, Skulls, Be Tenacious. Check out the video below that shows several of its many uses and let us know what you think.

Engineers Week: Celebrate With A Kit

For Engineers Recognition this week we wanted to extend a cool little kit that includes a few different items geared for the Engineers out there. First in the kit will be a Surveyors/Engineers style Safety Vest (Lime or Orange) that comes with decoration included. Second in the kit you will get one of four of your choice Leatherman Multi-Tools, also coming with a personalized engraving of your choice. Last of all will be an real cool item called the Lenser LED Blue Moon Focus system clipped pencil light. All this, including decoration, we’re handing out for a fraction of the normal cost. We hope everyone enjoys the deal and takes the time this week to thank our engineers around the world for the hard work they do every day.

Engineers Week

Portsmouth Memorial Bridge Project: Archer Western

The Memorial Bridge which connects New Hampshire and Maine has a long standing history. Currently a project is underway on the old bridge and the center section of it was “floated” out on February 8th. Archer Western Contractors took on the project and below is a rather cool time lapse video of the first stage. For more information on the project visit here.

Monstrous Sarens Crane in Chandler Arizona

“Nothing too heavy….nothing too high for this monstrous Sarens crane that did major heavy lifting during construction of the Intel computer chip fabrication plant in Chandler Arizona. Transported by ships from the Sarens family owned company in Belgium to California, the 155 containers of crane parts and sections were then loaded onto semi trucks and delivered to Arizona. The crane base was anchored to the ground and then built by other cranes. Rigging International are the specialists who assembled and operated the crane. It stands close to 800 feet tall and can lift some serious tonnage.” – ChopperguyHD

Edge Eyewear Now Available

We just finished loading an entire line of items from Edge Eyewear onto Sportex Safety.  Not only is Edge Eyewear one of the least expensive safety glasses manufacturers around, by being one of the safest, they don’t sacrifice price for quality.  In this case you get a whole lot more than what you pay for.  Edge Eyewear also has tons of great styles, go check’em out here.