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A Small Design for a Big Cause

A letter from one of our Friends:

Dear Becky,

I want to give my sincere thanks to you guys for helping make my Haiti project happen last weekend. Thanks to the money Sportex help me raise, Madam Princiese now has a solid roof over her head, and no longer has to live on a dirt floor for the first time in her life.

Something incredible happened on this project that was unique from others I’ve done. Like I may have mentioned to you before, Madam Princiese is blind and, not to state the obvious but, she has no idea what her new home or the people who built it look like. For two and a half days all she heard was the banging of hammers and a buzzing generator as she sat alone in her old hut 50 feet away. She didn’t know who came to build her a house, where they came from, or why they were even doing it for that matter. As she stepped on her new little “front porch” and was guided into the front door, a river of tears was running down her face. For some reason, a group of strangers whom she could neither see nor communicate with had come and given her a floor to stand on and a dry place to sleep and keep her belongings.

The anonymity of the whole situation was what made it so incredible. It’s a beautiful thing to have a group of folks thousands of miles away send the labor and raise the money that buys the materials to build a home for a lady who can’t even see it or the faces who made it happen to thank.

My thanks goes to you Becky, and all those at Sportex Safety that helped make the shirts that allowed me to raise the money to provide Madam Princiese a new home.
You guys rock!


Engineer – NY Approach Kiewit-Weeks-Massman AJV

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